About two years ago I received something that I still cherish with all my heart. My grandma gave me the sewing machine she and her mother learned how to sew on. When my grandmother passed away just a few months ago, I found myself feeling broken. My grandma lived in my house, just down the hall from my room, my whole life. I have never known what life looked like without my grandma in it. Grandma was many things to many people, she was the neighborhood nana, the life of the party and everyone's shoulder to cry on. When I think of MY grandma Nancy I picture her sewing everything under the sun. There was no project to big for her to take on. My grandma as her stubborn self took on the challenge of making my mothers wedding dress. A dress my mom married my father in was made on the old Singer sewing machine I now own. This machine holds generations of stories. 

I know for many people a sewing machine is just a simple machine but to me, it is so much more. My sewing machine is the legacy that my grandma left me with when she joined Jesus in heaven. When I initially took to sewing I had no idea the healing impact it would have on my life. After my grandma passed I could not go near my beloved Singer because it was too painful. Every time I tried to sew after ten-three-seventeen I would feel my grandmothers presence. Initially, I hated that the only way I had to connect with my grandma was through a machine. Promoting and actively pushing and creating content for Kirra & Company felt nearly impossible. In order for me to heal I took a break from Kirra and Company. 

I started Kirra and Company to create pillows and banners that I would want in my room. But, beyond just making goods I started K & Co to make my grandmother proud and in that make my great grandmother proud. I know that she wanted nothing more than to see one of her granddaughters love sewing as much as she did. I feel so blessed to have had the time I did have with my grandma Nancy to learn about this beautiful craft that I hold so close to my heart. I am so excited to see how God works through me in the future of this small Etsy shop. I am truly so grateful to be able to do what I love and hopefully make others happy with products I create. 

Love you always, grandma. 

XOXO - Kirra